All renters must have held their licence for a minimum of 2 years, with renters under the age of 24 requiring additional authorisation. Please contact the rental branch in advance to do so. Drivers who are below 24 years of age must also pay a young drivers fee and a deposit of £500.

Yes, we accept all major debit cards except for AMEX, Maestro, and pre-paid cards.

No, the card holder and driver must be the same person.

At WE-Rental, our cars and vans come with the following mileage allowances: 180 miles per day and 1500 miles per month. If you exceed these limits, additional mileage is charged at £0.35 per mile thereafter. Alternatively, we can offer an unlimited mileage package option for your convenience.

Please feel free to contact us:

  • By phone: 01382 735444
  • By email: info@we-Rental.co.uk
  • Online: chat to us on Messenger, via our Facebook page.
  • By dropping by our office at Unit 5, Fruit Market, E Dock St, Dundee DD1 3JN (opposite to Gallagher Retail Park).

Yes, once we receive the deposit payment either via the payment portal, via telephone or in person, your booking is confirmed from our end. Please ensure you have read and can satisfy the required documents & the T&Cs. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Yes, we always try our best to give you the car group you requested.

Currently we are located in Dundee only. However, we do offer a Delivery & Collection service if needed. Please note that the cost for this service is detailed in the extras section for car rentals and all necessary documents and payments must be arranged in advance.

The deposit is retained for 10 working days. This is to ensure that any potential fines or tickets reach us in due time. The deposits are processed daily according to the rental return date; therefore, you do not need to contact the branch to request a deposit return.

Refund Deposit

If your card has been deactivated, your refund will not go through. We will contact you to inform you that it isn't working as it should.

If a refund to a different card is required, you will need to prove that the new cardholder and the driver on our system are the same person. Please provide proof of address, driver’s details, and card details.

It is advisable not to cancel your card until the deposit has been processed, if possible.

If you know you need to cancel the card before the end of the rental, please visit our office to add the second card to the system so we can complete the necessary checks before you leave.

Once we notify you of an issue with refunding your deposit, there is a 3-month window to arrange an alternative solution.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter, as we aim to return your deposit as quickly as possible.

We're pleased to inform you that we have both self-charging hybrids and four-wheel drive vehicles available in our fleet. To ensure you get the required car group for your rental, please make sure to get in touch with our branch upon completing your booking.

No, please be advised that smoking, including the use of pipes, cigarettes, cigars, or vapes, is strictly prohibited in all WE-Rental vehicles. Our goal is for all our customers to breathe easy during their rental experience. Customers found smoking or allowing others to smoke in the rental car will be subject to a minimum fine of £40. This is considered a breach of contract.

If you need to extend your rental period, please contact our branch as soon as possible at 01382735444 or email info@we-rental.co.uk. We'll do our best to accommodate your request, please note that your original rental rate may no longer be available. Our reservation agent will provide all details when you call so you can make an informed decision. Please ensure you contact the office prior to the end of your rental period and within during working hours to complete the extension payment and avoid disappointment. Please note that retaining the car for longer than agreed without prior authorisation will incur a premium daily tariff and a £10/day late fine. It is also at the discretion of We-Rental to decide whether we will accept future bookings from you.

Yes, you will only be charged for the days when you had the rental car. Please be aware that the price will be amended according to the new rental duration, with shorter rentals incurring a greater daily rate. Please feel free to use our online booking system to check what the rate for a given rental duration would be or contact the office directly for an estimate.

Returning the car outwith opening hours is only available by prior arrangement - please make sure to arrange for key drop-off in advance to avoid continued responsibility for charges and potential loss or damage. Returning later or earlier without prior authorisation may result in different rates and/or late fees.

Housebroken pets are welcome to travel in our rental car, just as they do in your personal car. Please keep in mind that the driver is liable for any damage caused by animals, or any special cleaning required because of shedding or accidents.

You must contact the branch immediately if you know or suspect that you will return the car later than previously agreed. We offer a 30-minute grace period for returns, after which hourly rate charges will apply. If you have not contacted the branch and made us aware of your late return, a premium tariff as well as an additional £10/day late fee will apply. If you’d like to extend, please kindly refer to the “Can I extend my rental past my original return date?” section of the Q&A.

Please note that if you are late to the previously agreed car pick up time, this does not entitle you to a later return time.

Yes, WE-Rental have full comprehensive car insurance on all our vehicles, which is already included in your rental costs. The excess of £850 for cars and £900 for vans applies, with excess reductions available upon request. The excess is £300 more for international (non-UK/EU) and young (23-24 years old) drivers. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details. If you have any questions or need clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Please ensure your safety first and call 999 in an emergency. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. Move to a safe area to prevent further harm to yourself, others, or the rental vehicle. Stay clear of traffic if possible.

You can contact the RAC for punctures, breakdowns, and out-of-hours issues. The car is covered with RAC for mechanical issues as standard with onward travel. The best way to contact the RAC in the event of a breakdown is online https://www.rac.co.uk/reportbreakdown/about-you2 or by phone: Tel. 0333 2000 999.

You can contact our insurance brokers for accidents and any issues involving a third party. Website: https://www.alanboswell.com/claims/ Tel- 01603 218099.

Please contact WE-rental using the out-of-hours telephone number visible on your contract if you are unsure who you should reach out to.

Important! Please complete a WE-Rental accident report form (located in the car’s glovebox) and email it to info@we-rental.co.uk. If there were other parties involved in the accident, make sure to get their contact and insurance information as well as registration numbers and include them in your accident report. It is crucial that you take photos/videos of any damage of all vehicles involved.

Before hitting the road, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the following guidelines.

  • We always recommend for you to take pictures/videos of the rental car before you take off to document its state.
  • Take a few moments to understand the operation of essential features such as heat and A/C, radio, lights, windshield wipers, seat belts, door locks, and fuel access.
  • Being distracted while driving can be dangerous.
  • Monitor fuel levels. Don't wait until the fuel warning light comes on, especially if you're unsure of the distance between petrol stations. If you run out of fuel, you're responsible for arranging fuel delivery to your location and covering the cost of fuel and delivery.
  • Address emergency lights: If an emergency light activates on your control panel, use good judgment. If you feel you can't safely return to our location, don't hesitate to call our 24-hour roadside assistance number (RAC) noted above. In the unlikely event of a vehicle malfunction, lock the doors, turn on hazard lights, and call for assistance. Do not abandon the vehicle. Wait inside the car if it's safe to do so.
  • If you lock your keys in the vehicle, lose them, or run out of gas, this may incur a service charge. Additionally, you're responsible for any loss of or damage to the rental vehicle resulting from various causes such as collision, vandalism, or theft.

The driver is responsible. If you receive a PCN on your windshield and fail to pay it, it will be sent to us and we will be forced to appeal for a change of ownership for the given charge, fine or violation. There is a £40 administration fee for each one we receive. Once this is re-assigned to your name, you are free to manage the fine at your own discretion. For this reason, we will hold your deposit for a minimum of 10 working days.

Please note that if you have outstanding charges to pay you will be prevented from renting from us again until these are paid in full.

Yes, WE-Rental charge a standard deposit of £200 for UK/EEU licence holders & £500 for international licence holders, non-residents, and drivers under the age of 24. This deposit is refundable following the car’s safe return and cannot be used to cover the rental costs. We retain the deposit for a minimum of 10 working days following the rental period’s end.

Please get in touch with the branch either over phone or email as soon as possible. Please note our cancellation policy below:

  • Cancellation more than 3 days in advance - £5 transaction fee only
  • Cancellation less than 48 hours in advance - from £75, taken from the deposit
  • No show & not cancelled - from £100.

In central London, the city has imposed a congestion charge scheme which is payable daily, for any day that a vehicle moves within the zone between 07:00 and 22:00, except Christmas day (25/12). If you drive the WE-Rental car within the zone, you will need to pay £15 per day for the congestion charge. Payments can be made via phone at 0845 9001234 or online at www.cclondon.com.
Note: The City of London assesses a penalty for non-payment, which is billed to WE-Rental. This will incur a standard administration fee of no less than £40.

Yes, there are child seats available upon request. We have limited stock so please ensure you contact the branch to confirm sizes in advance.

Deposits are refunded within 7-10 working days after the rental car has been returned. This is refunded to the same card. If there are any further deductions, they will be deducted from your deposit.