Terms and Conditions

You/your: means the person or Business Customer that rents the Vehicle from us and is named on the Rental Agreement.

The Contract is only formed when we allow you to take possession of the key to the Vehicle. We will not do so unless and until you come to collect a Vehicle from us and you provide the Required Documents, a valid deposit or credit card approval has been made on your payment card, you have agreed the Vehicle.

By taking possession of the key to the Vehicle, you: (a) accept the terms of the Rental Agreement; (b) accept these Conditions; and (c) Have checked the vehicle condition. Are happy with same & have taken pictures/video before leaving the parking lot.

By entering in to the Contract, you agree to: (a) rent the Vehicle, including any replacement vehicles and Optional Extras for the Rental Period; (b) pay the Rental Fees (as well as any fees for the extension of the Rental Period (where applicable) under clause 7 or any fees attributable to the purchase of Optional Extras); and (c) pay relevant administration charges, fees, theft and damage charges, toll charges, parking, traffic or other fines or charges, reasonable court costs and/or any other charges.

This quote will include:

  • VAT
  • Road Tax
  • Insurance with a standard excess of £850 for cars & £900 for vans & 4WD Vehicle.
  • 180 miles per day included as standard. Additional mileage charged .35ppm thereafter.

Damage Waiver Reduction can be purchased that reduces your excess to £200/£500.

Damage Loss or Theft:

In the event of any loss, damage to or theft of the Vehicle, you must provide us with all assistance and information as we require.

  • Do not make any admission of liability nor give money to any injured person.
  • Obtain the name & address of any other drivers & registration mark of all vehicles involved.
  • Obtain insurance Certificate of any other driver (you are compelled to provide such info by the road traffic act 1988).
  • Obtain name, address & telephone number of any witnesses.
  • Record the position in the road of your vehicle and any other vehicle involved. Preferably by video & photos & sketch.
  • Please Inform Alan Boswell Group as soon as possible and within 24 hours of any accident or claim. Tel: 01603 649744 or Email: selfdrivehire@alanboswell.com

Driver Restrictions:

  • AGE 23-24 must have held full licence for at least 2 years. Must be free of any convictions/endorsements. Increased Excess £300 per damage & a young driver fee applies.
  • AGE 24 and above must have held a full driving licence for a period of 12 months or more.
  • ACCIDENT HISTORY Insurers require each driver to disclose all accidents which have occurred in the previous 3 years, irrespective of circumstance or fault.


If you have an accident with or in the Vehicle, you must:

  • Not admit or accept liability to any third party;
  • Obtain and notify us of all the names and address of all parties involved in the accident, including wherever possible any witnesses;
  • Secure the Vehicle, inform the police straight away in the event that anyone is injured, the road is blocked as a result of the accident or, if any third party property has been damaged;
  • In the event of confiscation or impounding of the Vehicle by third parties, you must inform us immediately.

WE-Rental Excess Reduction Guide

  • Standard Liability from £850 (excluding local fees and surcharges)
  • CDW usually included reduces your excess to £850 or £1150 under 24.
  • Excess Reduction - from £17 per day (ink local fees and surcharges). This package reduces your liability to £200 (excluding local fees and surcharges) per damage.

Driving Licence & Requirements

2 Additional forms of ID are required. A full and valid driving licence must have been held for a minimum of 24 months & over. Photo card driving licence is required.

Copy of the photo card drivers’ licence (address & ID must be up to date & payment card, passport as well as a total of 2 proofs of address from the following: – 1x primary and 1x secondary, or 2x primary proof of address.

Primary Proof of Address:

  • Electricity/Gas bill
  • HRMC Letter
  • Broadband/Landline
  • Council Tax
  • Bank Statement
  • Credit card bill / statement
  • Mortgage statement
  • HMRC self-assessment / tax credit

Secondary Proof of Address:

  • Student loan
  • Payslip
  • Mobile Phone Bills
  • Pension letters
  • Car Finance Statement
  • Loan Statement
  • Property deed

An annual council tax bill will be accepted. All other documents must be dated within 90 days of the hire date. The address & name on your licence must match both documents.

All UK drivers must supply a share code and give consent. Drivers can visit the below link & authorise this in advance. https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence

EU Driving Licence:

A full and valid driving licence must have been held for a minimum of 3 years.

Licences issued overseas must be clearly identifiable as a driving licence, otherwise, an International Driving Licence will be required and Passport.

NONE UK & EU Licence – Please contact the rental branch prior to rental date.

Licence and Fees (LAF)/ Road Tax

A deposit will be required upon arrival at the rental location or prior to check out. If you are required to pay in advance. The rental branch will be in touch via email & you will be required to call the rental branch to arrange same. The deposit amount debited from your card will be used to cover any additional charges incurred but is not considered “credit” on your rental agreement. If you need to extend your rental this will need payment prior to the current rental period ending. If there are no additional charges that need to be paid for when you return the Vehicle to us at the end of the Hire Period then the deposit value will be refunded in full to your debit card. Please note that that these refunds will be processed 7 working days after the vehicle is returned. The time varies on returning to your account depending on your bank or card provider. If you have not already paid for all of your rental at the time of booking, then the price of the rental will also be authorised on your credit card or debited from your debit card. In this case, the total amount charged will be: Rental price plus deposit £200/£500 as standard.

Please note that this policy is applicable for rentals made in the following countries United Kingdom only at this time

Damage Admin Fee

Minor damages to the vehicle such as scratches or dents will be charged for by the rental branch at time of check-in (If the car is too dirty or visibility poor, the car will be cleaned before check in can proceed). All damages will be documented by photograph & all are subject to a Damage Admin fee of £40 on top of the deductible amount.

Credit Cards & Payments In the event of an accident

Cards accepted are: MasterCard, Visa, and Debit cards. We can accept cash for the rental cost but NOT for the deposit.

Cheques, prepaid cards, Amex, Diners Club and Discover Card & Cash Deposit are not accepted.

Late return fee

Rates are subject to change if vehicle is not returned on the date and time agreed upon at time of reservation and hire. A £40 late fee will also be added if you return the car over 24 later than your contracts states if you have not contacted the rental branch within a reasonable time before you return. This will be in addition to extra days & hours charged. We would always appreciate this information the day before your contract is due to expire. You can easily email us on info@we-rental.co.uk

Age Restrictions

Minimum age for rental is 23-75 years old.

Collision Damage Reduction (CDR)

Collision damage reduction reduces the driver’s responsibility to a part of the vehicles excess in case of damage. CDR is included in the rate and leaves an excess of £850 per accident in the rental car. This is included in your quote if booked online & at the rental branch. (Young drivers are subject to a £300 increased excess when selecting this package.

T&G Tyre & Glass cover

Included with excess elimination only. Standard excess applies if excess elimination has not been added.

Delivery & Collection

Delivery/Collection Service a pre-authored service only & is charged at £45 standard or + £2.25 per mile during office hours only when approved by the rental branch in advance & is not available on weekends.

One-Way Rentals

Is not permitted.


International One-Way Rentals are not permitted.

Cross Border Rentals & Territorial Restrictions

This is on a case by basis & needs to be arranged & approved in advance. Papers are required. Contact the rental branch.

London Congestion Charge


There is a £40 administration fee in addition to the charge if not paid on time.

Child seats:

  • Child Seat (0 to 12 months) £6 per day
  • Child Seat (12 to 18 months) £6 per day
  • Child Booster Seat (8 to 12 years) £6.00

Returning the Equipment All equipment must be returned to a WE- Rental Station only.

Accessories are bookable without obligation and subject to availability.

Additional Driver

An Additional Driver Surcharge of £10 per day to a maximum of £180 per rental (28-30 consecutive days). All additional drivers must meet the age and license requirements. A maximum of 4 additional drivers are permitted to any one rental contract.

Refuelling Charge

We operate a like for like return policy. It is the customer's responsibility to return the vehicle with the same fuel level or cover any missing fuel. Refuelling fee of £3.95 & is added at the end of rental.

Other Fees and Taxes

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Equipment

You must take reasonable care to ensure that the unit is not lost, stolen or damaged. In the event your equipment is lost or stolen, you will be charged £200.

In the event of accidental damage, the equipment must be returned to us and we will have to charge you for replacing them.

No waiver purchased from WE-Rental removes your liability for lost, stolen or damaged units.


For security purposes, all equipment (including accessories) must be locked out of sight from unattended vehicles. In the event of experiencing problems during your rental period, contact us at the Rental Station and email info@WE-Rental.co.uk & we must be made aware immediately upon detecting the problem. No credit will be given if a call is not made to us or is not made until after the equipment has been returned.

We reserve the right to revise these Terms and Conditions and any rates at any time. Any changes will be communicated to you. By continuing to use the Service, You will be deemed to have accepted the changes. If the revised terms and conditions are not acceptable, you may terminate the Agreement without penalty. To terminate the Agreement, the unit must be returned to a WE-Rental Station during working hours only.

These terms and conditions apply to WE-Rental in the UK ONLY.

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